A page designed to create the false impression that I sit spider-like at the heart of a web of rock and roll influence

[edited to add: too many dead links here, most of them are in Surrey where I used to be, and I haven’t been adding people since I arrived down here. Page will shortly be tidied and West Countrified (no not with a lap steel a fiddle and a stetson), suggestions welcome.

A few of the people whose stuff I have fixed. (If I’ve fixed your stuff and you’d like a link to your site, drop me an email and it will soon appear. I forget to ask, is all.)


These aren’t just kettle leads…

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Some people whose stuff I have fixed…

Alter Ego – Another top class functions band.

Big Dog and the Bite – Good ol’ classic rock ‘n blues.

Back in the Day – Lively functions band.

Diner – Indie band starting to get nationwide attention. Guitarist/songwriter has a lovely ’62 AC30 with plenty of interesting problems, bless it.

Gentle Ben – Punkie janglie indies, more drive than you’d expect, with another neat old AC30. And a no longer dodgy vintage Small Stone. Recording soon…

Ghoad – Hard rock band with gigs everywhere and a growing following. Scary website – click if you dare. Cool gear – Zakk Wylde Marshalls, big Warwick bass head.

History of Heavy Metal – This looks like a good night out (understatement). Delicious website. Sorted out various monstrous Marshalls and an aging ADA MP-1 for these guys.

Noah and the Whale – Yep, Noah and the Whale.

Mark Buck – Bluesy/jazzy singer-songwriter. Plays some mighty impressive support gigs, eg Robben Ford, Fab Tbirds…

Owen Tromans/The Elders – fixed up a nice old Deluxe for the band’s guitarist Dan Crawford, and a Twin for Owen.

The Rik Martin Band – Hot ‘n funky blues band. Rik puts on a great show.

Redwood – alt.rockers you’ll recall from tours & CDs in the 90s – they’re back.

Rhythm Express – Smooth and classy functions band, very professional, loads of options.

The Rhythm Pigs – Upbeat pub-rock like the Feelgoods used to do…

Scott McKeon – plays self-penned high-octane blues, recent record deal, press interest etc. Yes he’s the one what was in the Guitarist. Click ‘n have a listen. A real hands-on musician – plays his vintage gear hard and does a lot of his own mods.

Spit Like This – Iggy Pop and the Cramps had a baby, and they called it Vikki Spit, it would seem… Sleazy gothic glam punks.

Tail Lights – Good time, upbeat, rock and roll boogie. If you think their Bassman sounds like a Vibroking, there’s a reason for that….

Temple Music – Jon Hiseman’s huge purpose-built recording studio can accommodate a 19-piece band in comfort – highly professional recording and immense musical experience behind your production at very reasonable rates. Go on, spoil yourself, you’re worth it. Etc.

The True Deceivers – Roots rock band with a vision and a fiddle from darkest Surrey. Not at all the usual grind and very entertaining – Dylan, Petty, Earle-inspired….

Underworld – Yep, Underworld. Classic guitar amps needed for classic guitar sounds in their Olympic ceremony prep.


Billington Export – Valve wholesaler. Interesting, if you want a whole lot of valves.

Watford Valves – Huge range of valves for sale including sought-after NOS with plenty of comment and explanation.

Hot Rox – Good quick supplier of new manufacture valves.

Chelmer – Valve supplier, wholesale and small numbers too. Some own-brand valves, I had some E84Ls that were ok.

Colomor – Valve supplier not many guitar people know about.

Appian – Speaker supplier: cheap Celestions etc. Nice guy, and his prices include delivery.

VVT – Custom transformers built to order on the IOW. Prices not too scary; good quality trannies.

Machmat – Valves and other esoteric parts, hi-fi bias.

Small Bear Electronics – Good range of hard-to-obtain parts for old pedals etc. Interesting site – and very helpful people indeed.

Surrey Music Store – Good oldfashioned family-run music store in Woking. Big guitar range, nice people.

Banzai Effects – Like TAD (below) a supplier of Fender parts and other useful stuff. Bias towards homebrew effects but good range of stuff. Based in Berlin.

TAD – Big German supplier of parts you can generally only get from the USA. Valves too.

Tubetown – Smaller German supplier ditto. Maybe a bit nicer than the above. Often cheaper also, and nowadays I go to them for preference.

Antique Electronics – Big supplier in California of all sorts of amp-associated goods, especially ‘tubes’. Good range, shipping not a rip-off. This is I would say the world’s biggest best and often cheapest retailer of valve amp parts.

MAJ – the people who bought the H/H spares. Full range of stuff for these nice old amps and other bits and pieces too. Good prices.

Marble Amps. Used to be linked to a parts supplier called FnS, now apparently just an amp builder. In Holland.

Weber – Weber builds vintage-type speakers in Kokomo, Indiana – they are good. Other amp parts too including huge range of kits. Parts other than speakers are very cheap but not the best quality. Kits have to be a good deal at those prices.

Bluebell Audio – Amp parts in Dundee; hi-fi bias but has the Hammond range of transformers and chassis.

These aren’t just kettle leads… (cue music)

Lots of people leave their mains cables with me, I have quite a collection building. If that happens to you, why not upgrade to one of these. See, the electrons move that little bit quicker along them. Makes all the difference. No, honestly. Really speeds up those electrons. They go that fast I’m frightened they might jump right out the front of the amp and go up your trouser leg. Schwum. Like a rat up a drainpipe. So actually, you could save your two bloody grand? jesus! – and buy a van instead.

Tuition and guidance

Guitar Superstar expert tuition, advice and guitar services.

The Guitar Den Advice, tuition, amp and guitar sales from my friend Joe, who is a lovely bloke and will not bullshit you, guaranteed.


Vintagehofner – the best info I’ve seen on old Brit valve amps (and more)

Schematic Heaven, “Where All Good Designs Await Resurrection…”– A FREE Download site for over 1500 Classic Musical Amplifier & Effect Schematics. A very valuable free resource which I use constantly.

The Tone Lounge – This guy gives away all the trade secrets.

Electric Blues Club – Huge UK resource with info and links on all kinds of music and gear-related issues.

Allthingsmusic – Another all-embracing site, well-maintained and with many useful musical links.

The competition

Champ Electronics, UK – here’s a good place to go if Guildford isn’t so convenient as Nottingham…

Audioworks, USA – or Houston, Texas…

Rockdog, Australia – or Kiama Downs, New South Wales…


Postvan – Cheap shipping service with amp-friendly parcel sizes who presumably work like most of these delivery middlemen – low price contracts with the big firms, and pass some of the savings on.Used them once or twice and nothing got broken but of course as they buy in their shipping you’re never sure who’s going to deliver it. Pretty good rap for this lot on the web, which is more than can be said for some of their competition, but caveat emptor, and double-box everything with styrofoam peanuts between. Styrofoam peanuts, I love that expression. Are they really called that or did Tom Wolfe make it up?


Mark One Jukeboxes – Jukebox repairs, maintenance and meticulous restorations. Based in the New Forest area, but travels all over the South. No better way of storing your 60s singles collection.

Jukeboxes Direct – Jukebox sales, specialists in Wurlitzers.

Art and Lit

Ian Stenhouse – My old mate Ian is an artist and lives in East Berlin, the psychobilly capital of the universe (NB obligatory guitar content).

Mike Cameron – Guitarist and writer. Or maybe the other way around…

Roz the Artist – How about some custom artwork to spruce up your borin ol plank? Roz’s work is beautiful – have a look. Yes you can put nitro over the top.


Hayward Guitars – Nice indy guitar shop in Winchester with luthier service. Friendly people.

Very cunning

Snipe eBay and win more!

Websites and web design

One Little Robot – Kev is a very nice guy. He’s a professional; he knows how to put together a stylish site you can maintain yourself, and his prices are very reasonable indeed. Thoroughly recommended. And no he didn’t do this site, I done it meself and that’s why it’s rubbish, but one day I will follow all the suggestions Kev gave me for nothing and make it a whole lot better.

Midsummer Music – Function, Covers and Party Bands for weddings, dinners & corporate events throughout England, Wales & Scotland. Also Folk, Classical and Jazz.