Harp mods

 Modifications for harmonica to the Fender Blues Junior and the Vox AC4

I have been modding Fender Blues Junior amps for harp for some years, and more recently the new Vox AC4, Laney Cub etc, and I have finally settled on what I think is the best approach. These mods will give you bags of volume before feedback, whilst retaining crunch and even the extra gain overdrive that the BJ’s fat switch provides, together with a nice fat harp tone with loads of bottom end. Full use of the EQ controls is retained, giving a lot of tone-shaping possibility. I also fit a line-out so you can take an input to the PA and just use the amp as a stage monitor.

With these harp mods these amps can go from sweet and clean to screaming James Cotton tone, with plenty of volume before feedback at all settings. To install them in your amp and service it generally will cost something like £80.

OFFER: For a standard price of £480, and given notice of up to six weeks, I will supply a Blues Junior with the mods installed, a full service carried out, and three months’ guarantee ( it may well be a secondhand amp but it will be in very good condition, with reliability at least as good as new, and in my opinion better).

What if your amp isn’t a BJ or an AC4? Most valve guitar amps will be modifiable for harp for something around the £100 mark – drop me an email and we’ll talk it over.