My Very Own Little Blog


Plenty more of my nonsense here: Steve’s Amps Blog. I moved the blog back to Google Blogger, but I have added the main blog articles I’ve written so far to this site – you can read them by hovering your mouse over the ‘Blog’ page tag above, and choosing an article from the drop-down menu. …or just click on a link here:

Harmonica through a guitar amp

Transistor amps – built like tanks, eh?

Steve’s real deals

Guitar meets concertina

Steve’s credit crunch fix-it-y’self tips

How do valves work?

A brief guide to preamp valve types

Wattage and headroom on stage

Pulling out valves, running without a speaker, and other output impedance matching issues

Voxiness: what makes the Vox AC30 sound that way?

The little voxes: the AC10 and AC15

Marshallness, or an amp’s guide on how not to be tweedy