What I cost

Repairs start at £30. £15 per half hour after that. Labour costs guide: usually if it doesn’t mean taking out the board or other surgery £30 will cover it, board out repairs usually £60 labour, mixers generally start at £90 as there is so much to dismantle and re-mantle.

Valves cost £10 preamp, £15 for common types like EL84, 6V6, 6L6, EL34, £30 or more for 6550 and KT types, sky’s the limit for more sought-after NOS and specials. I have quite a range of secondhand good valves too which can save you some money.

Restoration of vintage and valuable guitar, bass and jukebox valve amps will likely be £200-£600 labour plus major parts. Some transistor amps are worth restoring, eg the Roland Jazz Chorus, and old Acoustic bass amps, but most are not.

Valve hifi restorations usually about the same or more. I don’t do transistor hifi, you need a specialist with relationships with the manufacturers for that.

Harmonica conversions about £100.

AMI jukebox amp rebuilds £200 – £600, other tube juke amps considered, similar or higher prices.

I can’t really estimate costs without having the amp on the bench – even then it’s only a ball-park guess as in a repair or restoration you don’t know what is going to show up as a fault next. But I can sometimes offer a guide to costs and if I can I will. It is possible to ask me to call if costs look like going over a set maximum. I aim to be reasonable, economical and predictable and I won’t ever charge you more than the amp is worth however long it takes. In general I won’t go over my maximum estimate unless there is a very good reason, I will put in extra hours to achieve this, and I will consult with you about any extra costs.