What I cost

Vintage and valuable guitar, bass and jukebox valve amps will likely be £200-£600 labour plus major parts. Some transistor amps are worth restoring, eg the Roland Jazz Chorus, but most are not.

Valve hifi restorations usually about the same or more. I don’t do transistor hifi, you need a specialist with relationships with the manufacturers for that.

Harmonica conversions about £100.

AMI jukebox amps £200 – £600

My labour charge is £30 an hour, or £200 a day. This includes minor parts. The above estimates are based on these labour charges. This is the same as before, so established customers won’t notice a change in their repair costs.

I can’t estimate costs with having the amp on the bench. Even then it’s only a ball-park guess as in a restoration you don’t know what is going to show up as a fault next. But I want to remain reasonable, economical and predictable and I won’t ever charge you more than the amp is worth however long it takes. In general I won’t go over my maximum estimate unless there is a very good reason, I will put in extra hours to achieve this, and I will consult with you about any extra costs.