Welcome to Steve’s Amps 

Guitar, bass and hifi amplifier (valves only) repair, restoration and sale, serving Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Exeter, Torbay, Bridport, Seaton, Dorchester, Yeovil, Bournemouth and Poole, as well as Bath and Bristol, and surrounding areas, and the whole of Europe via courier.

  • I share the workshop with a luthier, Andy. It’s a one-stop shop! Here’s his website
  • Located in South Petherton, Somerset 
  • Restoration and sale of classic guitar bass and valve hifi amps, also guitar effects and PA equipment
  • Guitar amps converted for harmonica
  • Rebuilds of Ami valve jukebox amps, including Stereo Continental
  • Amps for sale! See ‘Amps for sale’ page in my menu. Number one’s a good un!

If you want to get in touch to discuss a repair, restoration, sale or harmonica conversion, use the form on the Contact page, or email me direct on stevetheampman@gmail.com.

If you want to know more about what I can do for you – go to Services

I will repair and then sell amps on commission. All repairs must be paid for before I put the amp up for sale. Repairs start at £30.

When there is time I will restore vintage amps that I do not go on to sell. Full restorations usually cost in the £200-£600 range. For more detail see Pricing. Payment can be by cash, card or bank transfer. I can only do card payments in person, not over the phone.

For an attempt to use the English language to outline my terms of business, check this.

If you have an appetite for extended ramblings on the topic of amps, or are looking for general valve / tube amp information,  go to my blog here: Blog

If you’re trying to fix the amp yourself and would like advice, try the Music Electronics Forum. There are some knowledgeable people on there. My general advice is that it is very rarely possible to diagnose a fault from the symptoms alone, there is usually a need to do some circuit tracing or testing to narrow things down. I tried to put everything I could offer in the way of advice in a post on my Blog section, have a read there.



Here below is a link to my facebook page, which I update from time to time.



AND NOW… Captain Beefheart’s Ten Commandments For Guitarists:
1. LISTEN TO THE BIRDS…That’s where all the music comes from. Birds know everything about how it should sound and where that sound should come from. And watch hummingbirds. They fly really fast, but a lot of times they aren’t going anywhere.
2. YOUR GUITAR IS NOT REALLY A GUITAR…Your guitar is a divining rod. Use it to find spirits in the other world and bring them over. A guitar is also a fishing rod. If you’re good, you’ll land a big one.
3. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A BUSH…Wait until the moon is out, then go outside, eat a multi-grained bread and play your guitar to a bush. If the bush doesn’t shake, eat another piece of bread.
4. WALK WITH THE DEVIL…Old delta blues players referred to amplifiers as the “devil box.” And they were right. You have to be an equal opportunity employer in terms of who you’re bringing over from the other side. Electricity attracts demons and devils. Other instruments attract other spirits. An acoustic guitar attracts Casper. A mandolin attracts Wendy. But an electric guitar attracts Beelzebub.
5. IF YOU’RE GUILTY OF THINKING, YOU’RE OUT…If your brain is part of the process, you’re missing it. You should play like a drowning man, struggling to reach shore. If you can trap that feeling, then you have something that is fur bearing.
6. NEVER POINT YOUR GUITAR AT ANYONE…Your instrument has more power than lightning. Just hit a big chord, then run outside to hear it. But make sure you are not standing in an open field.
7. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR CHURCH KEY…You must carry your key and use it when called upon. That’s your part of the bargain. Like One String Sam. He was a Detroit street musician in the fifties who played a homemade instrument. His song “I Need A Hundred Dollars” is warm pie. Another church key holder is Hubert Sumlin, Howlin’ Wolf’s guitar player. He just stands there like the Statue of Liberty making you want to look up her dress to see how he’s doing it.
8. DON’T WIPE THE SWEAT OFF YOUR INSTRUMENT…You need that stink on there. Then you have to get that stink onto your music.
9. KEEP YOUR GUITAR IN A DARK PLACE…When you’re not playing your guitar, cover it and keep it in a dark place. If you don’t play your guitar for more than a day, be sure to put a saucer of water in with it.
10. YOU GOTTA HAVE A HOOD FOR YOUR ENGINE…Wear a hat when you play and keep that hat on. A hat is a pressure cooker. If you have a roof on your house the hot air can’t escape. Even a lima bean has to have a wet paper towel around it to make it grow.

The great Beefheart’s death was announced 17 December 2010. RIP. “my spirit is made up of the ocean and the sky and the sun and the moon” …and some better news.